Heritage Keepers 
 Heritage Keepers, a women’s counter-part to Promise Keepers, held it’s first conference in Wichita, in 1996. Since then, seven conferences have been held in Wichita, Oklahoma City, Denver, and Indianapolis. Last August over 12,000 women attended the conference in Indianapolis.

This movement of God was co-founded by Lori and Bob Beckler, a former Pastor and his wife, of Wichita, Ks. When asked the question how this got started, Lori replied, "God began to move in both Bob’s and my life in ways that we never expected. We knew this was not an original idea, but God had put it on our hearts to begin a conference for women. Over 2,000 women showed up at our first conference. Since then, we have seen the mighty hand of God at work in the lives of His people. Both Bob and I are very humbled to be used by our Lord."

Heritage Keepers is a family ministry. Our children, parents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins and several friends assist us with the conference. "What a warm feeling it is, to see the entire family serving the Lord!" said Lori.

Heritage Keepers is based on Psalm 78: 4-7. "We all know the responsibility we have in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our family. That’s a responsibility we take very serious." Replied Bob. Our theme for the 1999 conference is, "…so the next generation will know." We want to be able to provide conferences where women will be equipped with the tools they need to grow in their relationship with God and with family.

This years speakers include, Carol Kent, Dr. RoseAnne Coleman, Dee Brestin, Marge Caldwell, Sierra, Sandi Patty and special guest, Billy Graham’s youngest daughter Ruth Graham-McIntire.

The 1999 conference in Indianapolis, will be held June 26, at the Market Square arena. Tickets are on sale now for just $35. For more information about this one day conference, please call 1-800-497-2660! Heritage Keepers a movement of God in the hearts of women! C