by Joe Seay

I must have overslept. It seemed awfully cold and it was getting daylight. I noticed that the electric bedside clock was not lit up. I headed for the bathroom and flipped the light switch, but nothing happened.

Nothing in the kitchen worked. The phone or the television would not work.

Then I remembered. This is Saturday, January 1, 2000. Y2K is here!

All that talk about Y2K. It’s a good thing we made some preparations. We have some extra warm clothing, canned goods, stored water, dried cereal, a lantern and a small kerosene heater.

It was cold and uncomfortable but I figured we would be OK for a few days.

On Monday, I could not get to work nor could I call in. Why didn’t I get that battery operated radio like I planed to? Then I could have found out what was happening in the rest of the world.

Tuesday was dull with no TV to watch no phone, no mail and no newspaper.

Wednesday the neighbors had a meeting and discussed plans for working together to get through this awkward time in our lives. We organized a plan to help, work and share with each other. We agreed, the main thing is to not panic!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday passed slowly and on Sunday we organized a neighborhood prayer meeting.

Early Monday a few of our neighbors and I went to town to buy some more food, water and other necessities. We were surprised to see that almost all the stores had signs up that said, "Cash only until further notice." The stores were crowded and supplies were running low. All the banks were closed. ATM machines were not working. We pooled our cash and bought what few supplies we could find.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were anxious, dull, cold, long days.

Friday dawned cold and wet. Saturday snow began to fall.

Sunday we had our neighborhood prayer meeting. More people came and our prayers were much more intense.

Monday, the third week, visitors from another community hiked through the snow to our neighborhood. They told of people stealing food and water from them. They were desperate, hungry and cold. We held a neighborhood meeting and, after prayer, agreed to share some of our supplies with them. With tears in their eyes, they thanked us. They also reminded us that people were desperate for food and water. They cautioned us to keep our doors locked.

Tuesday we got more snow. It was bitter cold. We were thankful we had some extra warm clothing.

Wednesday, due to the snow and ice, the roads were closed.

Thursday we had to start rationing food and water.

By Friday some of our neighbors were desperate for food and water. Again a few of us went to other communities, stores and shopping centers searching for some food and water. All the stores were closed and we were shocked by what we saw. People were shouting and battling for whatever food they could find. Some were carrying guns and clubs. They were behaving like animals, fighting for food.

Saturday our food ran out and Sunday our water ran out. We were thankful for the snow. It was our only source of water and food.

By Monday we were cold, hungry and feeling helpless. The roads were still closed so I bundled up as well as I could and went out again, walking, in search of food and water. Everywhere I went I saw crowds of people, fighting, robbing, killing, desperate for something to eat or drink. Tired, exhausted, cold, and hungry I returned home empty handed.

As I approached my home I was shocked to see that my front door had been torn off the hinges. Splinters and glass lay everywhere. Quickly I rushed into the house calling and searching everywhere for my wife and children, but there was no response.

Scared, shocked, cold, hungry and hurting, I fell to the floor. In desperation I called my wife’s name and shouted to her, "Where are you?" I felt a hand on my shoulder, shaking me, "Joe, Joe, wake up, what’s wrong?"

Slowly my emotions began to calm down and I realized that my wife had awakened me from a dream. I breathed a great sigh of relief, smiled at her and said, "Honey, we’ve got a lot of planning to do today and it’s very important that we get started on it!"



Don’t panic!

Do be prepared!

Prepare a storehouse (place) in your home and set aside a two month supply of the following; (remember to store enough for each member of your family and a friend or stranger in need).

1. Water. 2 quarts a day for each person. Store in thoroughly washed plastic, glass or fiberglass containers. Also fill the bathtub and sinks with water prior to New Years eve night.

Food. Canned vegetables and fruits, (don’t forget the can opener), dried or non perishable foods, juices, powdered drinks, milk, soups, potatoes, crackers, peanut butter, ready to eat cereals, Don’t forget special food for infants and the elderly.

Have enough extra warm clothing available for two months.

Fill the gas tanks of your cars and trucks several days before New Year’s eve.

Have lanterns, lamps (with extra fuel), flashlights (with extra batteries) candles and matches available.

Have wood and/or propane, gas or kerosene stoves for heat, along with insulated sleeping bags, blankets and quilts.

Keep plenty of paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. on hand.

Obtain and keep a recent paper copy of the following important documents in a safe place: credit cards, bank statements, stocks, investments, tax returns, marriages, family births, insurance policies, social security numbers, mortgage loan statements, social security and personal earnings and benefit statements, wills and trusts, along with a current copy of your credit report.

Obtain and keep a two month supply of all medicine you are taking or might need including non-prescription medicine.

Keep enough books, games and toys on hand to help keep adults and children occupied.

Try to pay all your January bills early enough for your checks to clear before 1-1-2000.

Since checks, smart cards, credit cards and ATM cards may not work, be sure to have enough extra cash available to get you through January and February 2000.

Consider having a battery-powered radio to communicate with others.

Consider getting a generator with correct extension cords and plug ins.

Read the Bible and pray daily.

When to get started? Get started today. Don’t put it off any longer.


Don’t try to get it all done at once. Take it a step at a time.


If Y2K never happens, we can always eat the food and drink the water or save them for future emergencies.