Remarkably Healed

by Fonda Harris, Manchester, Ky.

In 1989, I was newly married and working as a registered nurse. I had everything I ever wanted.

Suddenly, In February 1990, my heart began stopping several times a minute, resulting in the need for a pacemaker implant. Fortunately, I had given my life to the Lord just three days earlier.

Within two weeks the pacemaker had to be replaced due to blood clots. Ultimately, I would need five such procedures.

Soon after, I was diagnosed with lupus and required hospitalization every six weeks. While in the hospital, I began interceding for my husband’s salvation. Gary, a wonderful man, came to Christ in October 1990.

In November, I started experiencing unbearably painful seizures. The cause was unknown. In an attempt to treat this mysterious condition, I underwent yet another surgery. It was only one of 16 operations I would have in a five-year period.

One day while I was alone praying – after I had lost my job, my medical insurance, and the ability to do even the most basic things – the Lord let me know that in time I would be healed. Then my condition worsened again.

My husband took me to a healing crusade for prayer in April 1996. I was extremely weak, and my pacemaker was running constantly. The ministry team began praying for me and immediately I felt my pacemaker stop. I believed then that my heart was healed.

In March 1997, I was hospitalized again with strange symptoms and airlifted to the Mayo Clinic. While there, doctors retested me for lupus. The results were negative. Within a week, all my symptoms were gone.

Today the seizures and the blood clotting have stopped. My doctor says that my heart is normal. I’ve returned to nursing and have not been hospitalized in over a year.

Gary and I have grown closer and stronger. It’s because of the Lord in our lives. Today we have a healing and evangelistic ministry. I’m also singing, writing songs and recording. We know that all things are possible with God.

Reprinted by Permission, Spirit Led Woman Magazine.