Sabrena Robinson, God's Psalmist

by Angelle Jones

With tears streaming down her face, Sabrena Robinson remembers the words of her mother, “you will be a gospel singer and a nurse” she recalls.

Currently employed at Cleveland Clinic as a nurse and singing gospel music professionally since 1991, Psalmist Sabrena Robinson fondly reminisces her childhood.

Born and raised in Milan, Tennessee, Sabrena shares what it was like being raised in a loving, Christian home. Even though her mother was paralyzed and in a wheel chair, there was enough love not only for the Robinson family but also for foster children to share. The family worshipped together at a local Church of Christ. Raised with a knowledge of Christ, Sabrena came to truly know Jesus as Lord and Savior of her life at a tent revival at the young age of 12 years old. The next twenty-five years or so have been a fulfillment of the prophetic words spoken by her mother.

After her mothers death at the age of 14, Sabrena moved to Cleveland, Ohio to live with an older sister. Her brother-in-law, Harold Luter, Pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, in Cleveland and her sister Naomi receive credit from Sabrena for continuing to build the foundation of her Christian faith, started by her parents. Sabrena began singing at a very young age, however, it was also about this time that she began to gain exposure to professional gospel music. She began travelling and singing in churches throughout the United States. It was during one of her concerts that she heard the Lord speaking to her about joining her current church, The Pentecostal Church of Christ at E. 105th & Chester in Cleveland. Sabrena returned home from this trip, seeking a deeper walk of faith. Like Jacob, she recounts, she wrestled with the Lord, until finally she received God’s rest. Along with this rest came a new infilling of the Holy Spirit along with her decision to change churches.

Under the Pastorate of Co-Pastor’s Bishop J. Delano Ellis, and his wife, Elder Sabrina Joyce Ellis, Sabrena has gained an appreciation for all types of Christian music. Serving as a Praise and Worship leader, she says that Bishop Ellis taught her to appreciate not only the current trends of gospel music, but she now thanks God for hymns, anthems and even classical music. From this appreciation Sabrena has had the opportunity to travel to Europe and throughout the United States ministering in song. She enjoys the privilege she’s had to sing to all cultures and to many different denominations. Sabrena has also been blessed to sing with the Cleveland Orchestra earlier this year and has a contract to sing with the Berkshire Chorale Co. in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Sabrena is gratefully humble as she shares her many accomplishments. She has opened for many gospel artists, including Darryl Coley, and Shirley Caesar. Of her greatest successes, Sabrena recorded her first C.D. last year, under the management of her current Business Manager and good friends, Elder Eddie Howard and Elder Yvonne Tufts Jeans. This project is described by Sabrena as a true testimony of God’s faithfulness. With little money, and great faith, To Jesus With Love was produced by Eddie Howard of Youngstown, Ohio. Not only does she sing on the recording, but she also shows off her writing ability with an original song called "It is I", which is a song about trusting God.

Whether on stage, leading praise and worship at the Pentecostal Church of Christ, or singing to her patients at the Cleveland Clinic, Psalmist Sabrena Robinson not only sings, but she ministers God’s love through her music. Sabrena will be a featured guest at the Christian Connection Magazine’s Jubilee Banquet, April 10, 1999. C