The Truman James Story

by Pastor Ed Warfield

On April 4, 1997, I was informed that Truman James, a member of our church, was being transported to the hospital. I arrived at the hospital at 7:30 p.m. Truman had been placed on a ventilator because his carbon dioxide level was 500 percent above normal, while his oxygen level was extremely low. (He has struggled with emphysema for several years.)

While I was speaking with his family, Truman’s blood pressure dropped to zero, and he went into full cardiac arrest. The medical team called for a crash cart for resuscitation.

About 30 minutes later the attending physician spoke with us in the chapel. During resuscitation efforts and CPR, Truman had experienced a massive stroke. Recovery was not expected.

At about 8:30 p.m. he was transferred to the intensive care unit, and the family had to decide whether to continue life support. After more of the immediate family arrived, the doctor told us Truman’s condition had worsened. There was no longer a response to needle sticks, nor was there any indication of brain activity.

We began to encourage Truman’s wife Karen by saying the doctors don’t have the final word—God does.

While we were still talking about God’s ability, the doctor returned to the waiting room. She said, “I’ll be the first to admit that we don’t always know what we’re talking about.” She had been doing a routine check on Truman’s vital signs when he opened his eyes and looked at her. Then he responded to questions by blinking his eyes. Within 10 minutes his family was allowed to see him and he was able to squeeze their hands. After about 30 minutes he was attempting to speak.

Following a CAT scan the next morning. I asked the doctor how Truman was doing. “Miraculous,” was her response. She further stated the CAT scan did not even indicate a stroke had taken place.

By Sunday Truman was taken off the ventilator. All heart and blood pressure medication was discontinued, and he was sitting up in bed wanting something to eat.

Last July 27, Truman shared his testimony in church during the morning service. Praise God, He really is in control.

Ed Warfield, pastor of Calvary Temple Assembly of God, Chester Ill