Amy Scott

Loving Her Lord

Positive, upbeat, and excited about ministry, Amy and Scott Short have one goal, which is to minister the love of God in a non-threatening way, especially to those outside the church. In today?s society filled with divorce and other family problems, it was refreshing to meet a couple whose goal is to serve their Lord as a ?team?.

Amy ?Scott? as she?s known as in the music world, has a desire to reach the lost. She says she wants to do that by ?reaching the hole inside of them,? filling it with music. Married in June of 1997 in her home state of California, Amy and her husband, Scott are working together to share the gospel in innovative ways. Participating in ministries such as Extreme Grace, an evangelistic outreach sponsored by Grace Church in Parma has given Amy the opportunity to reach the lost.

Amy and Scott met at Liberty University, a Christian College. Amy knew after one year however, that she would not receive what she was looking for by continuing her education. She began traveling with the Christian group Wings, of Woodstock, Georgia, and mission from Forest Virginia. She knew that call was by God and it was to reach the world, through singing and writing her own music.

Today, Amy Scott is creating, working in the studio and ministering wherever the Lord opens the doors. Her first CD, simply entitled, Amy Scott, is out and doing well. Amy?s greatest desire for her next musical effort, which should be out by December of this year, is to ?take the cross over.? Amy believes that in order to be most effective, her music must reach over into the secular market. She believes that if music is going to reach Generation X?ers, Christians must learn to truly be in the world, but not of it. Only 23 years old, she understands the needs of today?s youth and young adults. Even though she?s been married two years and is the busy mother of an eleven-month-old son, she and Scott use every chance possible to touch lives through music. Their goal through her music is to get into the world and to start doing something for God!