A Trip to Hell
by Greg Ball

It is hard to believe that another year has passed so quickly. Fall is upon us and once again it is time for ?Trip to Hell?. I am so excited about this outreach that I decided to share some of ?Trip to Hell? with you as well as give you a glimpse of what you can expect when you join us this year!

My wife Bobbie and I have been the Youth Ministers at Church on the North Coast for about five years. One year into this calling we felt challenged and grieved as we saw many people young and old flocking to various haunted houses and forests during the month of October. Gods Word, the Bible, says that, ?God has not given us a spirit of fear?.? We watched as this season was celebrated with as much intensity as Christmas and Easter. We were challenged! What could we do? Through much prayer, we decided that we could either point our fingers at the world and condemn them or we could do as Jesus always did and meet them right where they were.

On the first weekend of October 1995 (on C.N.C?s sixty-five acres of property, one mile North of Rt. 2 on the corner of Jaeger Rd. and Rt. 58), we launched our very first ?Trip to Hell?. Words cannot express the joy of seeing, in our very first year, nearly 500 people young and old come to the saving truth that Jesus is Lord. We had visited similar outreaches before and we knew the potential impact for the Kingdom of God that a well planned and prayed for outreach could have on a city. But, we were in awe as we witnessed so many come to God in the first year of production.

Our slogan reads, ?This is not a haunted house, this is reality? and nothing could be truer. However, you will be frightened, shaken to the very core of your soul, and you will witness a real life drama that has never before been demonstrated in such an up-front, in-your face way. This one-hour walk through 65 acres of woods, led by a grim reaper is brought to a fantastic grand finale set in the very bowels of hell. When it is all over your lost friends and loved ones will be confronted with their eternal destiny. You?ll be glad your name is written in Heaven.

This year?s production of ?Trip to Hell? will be the greatest yet. We are pouring in more resources than ever before, making it a ?Trip? you will never forget (See back cover for more information).