By Dr.Dobson

       Question: I'm a full-time mother with three preschool children. I love them like crazy, but I am exhausted trying to keep up with them. I also feel emotionally isolated being in the house every day. What do you suggest for mothers like me?

       Answer: I talk to many women like you who feel that they're on the edge of burnout and will explode it they have to do one more load of laundry or tie one more shoe. Young mothers are much more isolated than in years past. Many hardly know the women next door, and their sisters and mothers may live a thousand miles away. That's why it is so important for full-time moms to stay in touch with the outside world. Though it may seem safer and less taxing to remain cloistered within the four walls of a home, it is a mistake to do so. Loneliness does bad things to the mind. Furthermore, there are many ways to network with other women, including church activities, Bible study groups and supportive programs such as Moms in Touch and Mothers of Preschoolers.

       Husbands of stay-at-home mothers need to recognize the importance of their support, too. It is a wise man who plans a romantic date at least once a week and offers to take care of the children so Mom can get a much-needed break.

       Burnout isn't inevitable in a busy household. It can be avoided in families that recognize its symptoms and take steps to head it off.