At last count, before we went to press there were 3 separate counts of the ballot in Florida and George W. Bush won each of those 3 counts. However, with Al Gore trying to win the election by a pregnant chad, I'm not sure how this election will turn out.

       One thing I am sure of is that the Lord instructs us to pray for those in authority. We may or may not like them but we're instructed to pray for them.

       Several thousand years ago in Egypt, when Pharaoh used his power to oppress the Hebrew slaves, God still found a way to get glory through that hard-hearted ruler. So, whether our new president is Al Gore, George Bush or Pharaoh himself, God can get the glory if we pray.

       So in light of the 2000 presidential election, I will use the rest of this column to remind you of the differences between Al Gore and George Bush, so that you will be better equipped to pray. God, please bless America!


Al Gore Opposes
George W. ISSUES Bush (R) (D)
Supports Emphasizing Free Enterprise Solutions to Social Problems Opposes
Opposes Control of Public Education by Powerful Unions Supports
Supports Educational Choice for Parents (Vouchers) Opposes
Opposes Unrestricted Abortion on Demand Supports
Opposes Increased Taxes on Coal & Oil (BTU Tax) Supports
Supports Elimination of the Marriage Penalty Tax Opposes
Supports Elimination of the Death Tax Opposes
Supports Banning Partial Birth Abortions Opposes
Opposes Public Financing of Abortions Supports
Federal Firearms Registration & Licensing of Gun Owners Supports
Opposes Adoption of Children by Homosexuals No Response
Supports Prescription Drug Benefits For Medicare Recipients Supports
Opposes Placing US Troops Under UN Control No Response
Supports Federal Tort Reform & Conservative Judges Opposes
Supports Allowing Younger Workers to Invest a Portion of Their Social Security Tax in a Private Account Opposes