The Poet's Pen The Best Gift Of All

Never in the pages of history,
can you find a monumental event,
that would ever surpass the love gift,
of Christ the Savior, to Calvary sent.
His was a miraculous virgin delivery,
marked for whosoever will to receive;
with a heart of faith, claim the gift,
of eternal life through the Redeemer,

His death on the cross was foreordained,
before the foundation of this world began;
our guilt and sin was placed upon Him;
He came to seek and save fallen man.
His blood was the most expensive price,
for nothing could ever compare to its worth;
but He held not back this Holy Sacrifice,
that we might have a spiritual new birth.

If we choose to trust in Him,
turning from our rebellious sinful ways,
His spirit and righteousness will dwell in us,
for He ascended with power over the grave.
The light entered into darkness;
the life came to bring life anew;
the truth was brought forth in glory;
the way was opened up for me and you.

Have you received this most valuable gift?
Will you accept what God has given?
Can you see your most urgent need,
is to receive Christ and be forgiven?

By John Roberto

"For the wages of sin is death; But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord". Romans 6:23

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