Thom Shumate

As a storyteller, Thom Shumate is exceptional; when he puts those stories to music, they come to life, to challenge those who seek a relationship with Jesus and encourage those who have one.

Shumate?s second release "til you believe?," is his debut release on record label Bricklayer Communications. This richly textured, exceptionally produced recording seeks to point all listeners to the Truth with a collection of eleven songs aimed at the heart.

With Shumate on acoustic guitar, and a who?s who of musicians and guest vocalists (such as Susan Ashton, Erin O?Donnell and Jeffrey Benward), "til you believe?," is a mix of ballads and energetic folk rock tunes. Shumate?s vocalizations reveal the maturity of a practiced vocalist, where he is clearly comfortable singing melodically or full voiced.

Acknowledging that God is most concerned with being glorified by our lives, he reminds us of the freedom we have in surrendering to Jesus with songs such as "Sweet Surrender" and "Love Draws You Near." "Walk On" and "Committed to the Call" encourage the believer to press on amidst life?s trials and oppression. "cottage in the Cove" and "Hope on the Horizon" reminds us of the blessed hope of our future in heaven.

This recording is also accompanied by a matching, CD jewel-case size "Good News as Told by John," from the popular God?s Word translation of the Bible. It features an introduction from Shumate, entitled "Why do I need Jesus?"

Already hailed as "one of the most memorable debut projects of 1999," "til you believe?" is a recording you?ll grow to appreciate more over time, as you plumb the depths of this lyrical and musical accomplishment. C