Gail Ramsey: 
Dear God

I Have Breast Cancer--Help!
Dear God!

My doctor has just told me that I have breast cancer. I want to believe God for healing, but I don?t know how. I?m scared. Help!

Dear Scared,

"God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
2 Timothy 1:7

If God hasn?t given it to you, you don?t want it! Be strong. His grace is sufficient. His Word promises that "He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses." Matthew 8:17 So, if He took your infirmity and bore your sickness, why should you take it back?

Several years ago the devil tried to tempt me into receiving breast cancer. I had just begun studying about God?s divine healing power in bible school. Fortunately, I had learned just enough to recognize that this was a lie from the devil, and that I could stand against it and refuse it if I chose to.

God so awesomely showed me this analogy: The Fed Ex man comes to your door with a package for you. He holds out the clipboard for you to sign your name, acknowledging that you have received the package. If you sign it, he then gives you the package. BUT, if you don?t sign it?he is not legally allowed to give you the package.

Here?s your word for the day: DON?T SIGN FOR IT!

I saw right away that this was a test, and I was determined to pass it. "God", I said, "show me what to do now, so that you will receive glory from this situation." The Lord then began to give me His plan for the situation. "Go to the doctors and have this documented." He said. So I did. The doctors (two of them) labeled it cancer.

Throughout the following two weeks, God instructed me to keep silent about the situation and to tell no one. I did as He instructed, and continued to speak His Word over the situation. "By His stripes, I am healed". "He Himself took (my) infirmities and bore (my) sickness", "No weapon formed against me will prosper".

God was building my faith during this time, to the point where I was actually ENJOYING being a part of this battle. Why not? I already knew what the outcome would be! I would be healed and the devil would lose AGAIN! I CONTINUED TO REJOICE AND PRAISE GOD for His power over the darkness. My faith was being increased daily.

The following week, God instructed me to let my pastor know about this situation and to ask him to lay hands on me and pray for me. I did as He instructed and so did my pastor. THREE DAYS LATER there was no sign of the lump and I was completely healed?never to return.