The Perfect
 Mother's Day Present

 by Joe Seay

Mother said it seemed to her that all her children grew up at about the same time, got married, moved away and left her and dad all alone. She always enjoyed being active so, after the children were all married, she accepted a part-time job, and worked at that ?part-time? job for over thirty years. She enjoyed ?getting out of the house? and mingling with people.

As the years passed, dad developed some serious medical problems and mother suffered a minor stroke. She recovered but could no longer drive. Dad?s condition worsened and mother cared for him as she had tenderly loved and cared for her children. After dad?s death, mother seemed to have lost her will to go on, she didn?t get out much and as the months passed, she became very lonely and depressed.

My thoughts drifted back over the years. Our family, including mother, dad and five children lived in a log cabin in the country on my grandfather?s farm. Dad and mother worked long hard hours to provide love, food and shelter for their family. While dad was working in the fields, mother and I chopped wood for our old wood heating stove, milked the cow, did the washing in an old black, pot bellied wash pot and hung the clothes on a bob wire fence to dry. In the evening, mother soothed our many hurts and rocked us to sleep in her old rocking chair.

On Sundays mother and dad were up early, dressed us in our Sunday best and our family attended church together.

Now my heart grieved, as I observed my once vibrant, radiant and happy mother so despondent and unhappy. I was determined to do something to help renew her vigor, vitality and enjoyment of life. I made several suggestions but she seemed to have lost all interest in life. She was bored, seldom smiled and depressed. A few days before Mothers day I noticed an ad in the newspaper for some Chihuahua puppies for sale and finally succeeded in convincing mother to go with me ?just to look at them.?

When mother looked into the box and saw five cuddly little puppies, I saw her smile. She picked up the smallest one and gave him a gentle hug. Her eyes seemed to sparkle. It was love at first sight as she cuddled the little pup and cooed soft words in his ear.

I suggested that she could have any of the puppies she wanted. She said she wanted the one she was holding.

I said, ?Mother, he?s the smallest one. Why not get one of the others, they?re healthier looking.? She didn?t seem to be the least bit interested, she just held the little puppy close and kissed him.

Mother and her little dog were a match made in heaven. She and her cuddly little puppy formed an instant bond. As they snuggled together, it was obvious, she loved him and he loved her. He was happy, friendly, outgoing and full of energy. She and her snugly little puppy played together, ate together, slept together, watched TV together and took walks together.

Although he was only about 5 inches tall, her little dog became her watchdog. He would bark his fieriest bark when anyone got too close to her. On one occasion I reached out to hug mother while she was holding him and he almost bit me!

It was good to see mother enjoying life again. Although she still had the same problems that old age often brings, she had found contentment with her cuddly little puppy.

It was the perfect Mother?s day present. They have enjoyed many, happy, fun filled years together.