Actor Leaves Hollywood

       Like any "Road to Damascus" experience, God unexpectedly called the newly saved aspiring actor to go out and reach the lost.

       Hamlin made a beeline from tinsel town to Spirit Life Bible College, headed by Roberts Liardon Ministries. The youngest student and newest Christian in the school, Hamlin embraced Liardon as his mentor and spiritual father.

        "I had no stability, so Bible College was a struggle," he said. "Liardon taught me when your back is against the wall to trust God for everything."

       Hamlin took those words to heart. He graduated from SLBC on a Saturday and the following Monday found him in the deep jungles of Thailand.

        "The unknown really fascinates me," Hamlin said. "I would go into nations with no contacts or place to preach and God would open the land to me."

       Dedicated to reaching untouched countries with the gospel, Hamlin has ministered in Siberia, Guatemala, Lithuania and beyond. Hamlin affirms that God is raising up a new generation, a people marked by signs and wonders.

       While ministering at an Australian church, he was led to address the deaf congregation members.

        "There is a generation (here) that will get you healed," Hamlin said. "It is here and it is coming for you guys."

       After three years of non-stop travel, Hamlin has returned home. He currently serves as an associate pastor to Roberts Liardon at Embassy Christian Center in Irvine, California. Hamlin is also a regular presence on the University of California-Irvine campus. The young visionary recognizes the potential disciples among the universities 17,000 undergraduates from around the globe.

        "After four years they will go back to their homelands with the opportunity to share the gospel," he said.

       This fall he will launch a Christian club and host in-depth Bible studies. Jason Hamlin has traveled to more than 25 countries. He has walked with God, paving a daring path for young, faith-fueled missionaries.

        "I always knew there had to be something out there for me to change my generation," Hamlin said. "And since I have found the Spirit of God, I chase it with a vengeance."

Reprinted by permission, Dunamis Life Magazine.