Civil Disobedience To Supreme Court Ruling

       WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) - More high schools held prayer demonstrations of civil disobedience prior to their games this past weekend. The actions grew from opposition to the Supreme Court ruling that prayer at football games violates the Constitution. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition says he does not think the demonstrations should be limited to prayer at ball games.

        "I would encourage every American citizen who values freedom, who values their faith," Mahoney says, "that if God so moves...before every football game, every public event in the public square...[to] boldly stand up-like the three Hebrew children, like Daniel, like the Apostles, like our forefathers."

       Mahoney was glad to see communities continue their traditional prayers, and he says more acts of courage and peaceful civil disobedience need to occur. According to Mahoney, the Supreme Court needs to end its oppression of religious expression.

        "The tyranny and the intimidation must come to an end," he says. "We must get back to the First Amendment and to freedom."

       Mahoney says we need more courageous men and women who will display the Ten Commandments wherever they are and be willing to defend their faith.

Former Homosexual Warns Thousands of Puerto Ricans About Dangers of Homosexuality

        (AgapePress) - A former homosexual who proclaims that change is possible only through Jesus Christ recently took his message to Puerto Rico. Michael Johnston is the founder of Kerusso Ministries, a Virginia-based ministry, which helps homosexuals leave that lifestyle. Johnson was invited to a Christian rally in Puerto Rico to share his testimony. He used the opportunity to warn the crowd about the true agenda of the homosexuals.

        "By the grace of God, I had the opportunity to speak to tens of thousands of people on the steps of the Capitol in Puerto Rico to warn them about the influence of homosexuality on the church, on the family, on the culture, and on politics," Johnston says.

        "[I] was able to call the most influential political leaders in Puerto accountability for their alliance with the homosexuals." Johnston says those political leaders all attend this event because of the massive numbers of people there.

       Johnston is featured in a new video produced by the American Family Association exposing the radical homosexual agenda.

        "As my words were translated, the response from the crowd...was very vigorous and very loud," he says. "They were very supportive of the conservative, Christian biblical position that was being communicated on homosexuality. Of course, our hope is that the politicians on that platform also got that message loud and clear."

       In recent years, the homosexual movement has broadened its influence in Puerto Rican culture.

New Christian Radio Station in Canton

       On September 27, 2000, the Oasis Network signed on radio station WOFN 88.7 FM in Canton, Ohio.

       The Oasis Network began in 1986 in Tulsa, OK, and now consists of five full-power radio stations. The format of the Oasis Network is easy-listening Gospel music and positive Bible teaching with news, weather and the Roadshow, a live one-hour program with a variety of music, information and guest interviews.

       WOFN 88.7 FM is licensed to Beach City, with offices in Canton, Ohio. WOFN is a non-commercial, educational radio station funded by donations, underwriting, and grants.

Orange County, California Favors Boy Scouts

       The people of Orange County, California, have voted to stand behind the Boy Scouts. County supervisors there have been under pressure from pro-homosexual forces to not renew their contract with a Boy Scout sea base, which is on county land. The American Civil Liberties Union threatened to sue if the county did not comply. But according to the American Family Association, the supervisors have rejected those threats and given unanimous approval to a motion renewing the contract with the Scouts.