In the midst of the renaissance of B-Boys, DJs and people lugging cardboard and linoleum to the clubs, it's about time for someone to bring back some of the original elements of Hip Hop.

       Brother Lew is born again in more ways than one. With his new compilation CD "Metamorphous", he takes the styles of his 15+ years in Hip-Hop and revitalizes them with new style artists and tracks.

       Lew is probably the oldest (I got his permission to say that) Christian Hip Hop artist out there, but doesn't try to fake the funk. His lyrics add seasoning and foundation for the rest of the Radical Fanatics. More than just his testimony, this CD is an excellent witnessing tool. Use it for anything from backsliding Christians to people (male and female) on lockdown and those that never heard of the Lord. This is a must get for the Breakdancers, Street/Prison Ministers, and back alley MC's.

The Radical Fanatics are from Lorain, Ohio.