Mr. T Shares Vital Message In New Movie

        (AgapePress) - He played Sylvester Stallone's opponent in one of the Rocky sequels, and starred for several years in The A Team. Now Mr. T is working on a movie about life during the reign of the anti-Christ.

       In his newest role in the movie Judgement, Mr. T plays J.T. Quincy, a member of a group of outcasts known as "the haters"-a group of Christians who work to undermine the anti-Christ's plans.

       Mr. T. says the role gives him a chance to bring his Christian beliefs to his profession.

        "I see it sort of as a Christian version of Rocky, in a sense," Mr. T. says. "When the movie comes out, I want people to be able to come into it and be proud to believe in God (and) they can come out and say, 'Wow, I'm not by myself now, I can take a stand...I can believe, I don't have to be ashamed of it,' because hopefully it will...touch the nerve of people and they can come on out.

        "One of the biggest problems in society (is that) people can't pray. We took prayer out of school, we brought guns into school."

       The Christian actor known for his tough-guy roles, says "the trappings of Hollywood can't be compared to the joy and peace that comes from having a relationship with Jesus."

       Mr. T says the role opens more doors for him to share his faith-faith he says that has been tested and strengthened during a five-year-long battle with cancer.

        "When I stand up, people say, 'Wow, that's Mr. T.' And I tell people, they thought I was tough Rocky and the A Team...that was different tough. Now I'm on another level," he says.

        "I say, 'Before you leave grammar school you've got to be tested to go into medical school. And like I explain to people, the only students who don't like a test are the ones who didn't study. Cancer was my ultimate test of faith."

       Judgment is produced by Cloud Ten Pictures and will be released next year. Mr. T is working on a book titled Cancer Saved My Life.

Habitat For Humanity

       Charlotte real estate developer Mel Graham recently donated 26 buildings to Habitat for Humanity. The donation was valued at nearly $500,000 and is the largest single gift that Habitat of Charlotte has ever received from an individual. Graham, a Charlotte native and the nephew of the Rev. Billy Graham, said helping others in need has always been one of his commitments. He has served for ten years on the board of directors of Samaritan's Purse, a Christian relief organization ran by Billy Graham's son, Franklin.

Hope For Homosexuals

       A former homosexual says there is hope for people who want to leave the homosexual and lesbian lifestyles. Richard Cohen spent years in the homosexual lifestyle, but was released from that life through the power of Jesus Christ. Cohen, who is founder and director of The International Healing Foundation, says no one wants to be a homosexual. Cohen has just written a book titled Coming Out Straight: Understanding and Healing Homosexuality.

Jews Will Never Release Jerusalem

       The Executive Director of Jews for Jesus says Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak will never give in to Muslims demands for control of Jerusalem. David Brickner says the Israeli Prime Minister is well aware of the historical and religious significance of the Holy City. That is why he believes that Israel will not negotiate away Jerusalem's sovereignty for a peace treaty with Yasser Arafat. Brickner says. "He recognizes that in order to position himself right, that he has to be willing to talk about everything, but when it comes to Jerusalem Ehud Barak knows as well as anybody else that you can't give Jerusalem away. It's just not going to happen."