Seeking Truth in Hollywood by Terry Nighswonger

       Veteran actress Gail Ramsey is the host of a special meeting each month at CBS Studios television lot.

       Hollywood beckons the young, the beautiful and the talented to its allure of riches, fame and fortune. Those who have answered the call may have found all the above, but an emptiness remains.

       Gail Ramsey, 13-year Hollywood veteran, knows the call and the emptiness, which she tried to fill with psychics, channeling and other New Age philosophies. Today, she has filled that emptiness with the love of Jesus Christ, and she is pushing back the darkness in Hollywood and telling others what she has found.

       "What we face there in the spirit is just more intense than any spiritual darkness I've faced, even in darkest Africa," Ramsey said. "There's a lack of information, a lack of knowledge because of the darkness - a lot of deception."

       Ramsey is turning the light on, every second Saturday of the month with a meeting of other Christians and those who have yet to find spiritual truth. "Seeking Truth," Ramsey said, is not necessarily a Bible study, although the Word of God is preached and taught. It's not a church service, because few in Hollywood would come if they thought it was church, she said. Yet, even though it defies description, it is already changing lives.

       "We're really excited about what God's doing. We had some people come who were Orthodox Jews," Ramsey said. "They knew me through the acting business, and they said, 'Oh, this will be fun, let's go see Gail.' The Holy Spirit got all over them, and they wept through the meeting. They loved it and came back the next month and can't wait to come back the following month. That was exciting."

       Through the meetings, God is also encouraging believers in Hollywood who sometimes feel like they are standing alone, Ramsey said.

       "It's a lonely place to stand as a Christian. There's a heaviness and an oppression, especially in the leadership. Many of the pastors who actually pastor in the Los Angeles area don't live there. They live outside, and then they commute because of that very reason," she said.

       God's favor has been on the gathering from the beginning. Even the place the group meets was a door opened strategically by God.

       "God opened a door on the CBS Studios television lot. That was pretty amazing," Ramsey said. "Everything else was in place, and we had offers from several different people, including a pastor and his wife, to come and do the Bible study in their home. We just didn't have the green light [that] that was where God wanted us. We continued to pray and, at the 11th hour, He opened this up, and that's where we were supposed to go."

       Although "Seeking Truth" is just beginning - they met for the third time in August - word is getting out. Attendance doubled over those first three months. Ramsey is hesitant to provide names, but said there are several prominent celebrities who attend the meetings, one of whom was saved in the second month. Several directors and producers also attend, but she does not want them to feel exposed or used by using their names.

       "I know what happens when celebrities get saved and give their lives to the Lord," Ramsey said. "They are bombarded and not discipled. I want to be sure that the people who come to the Lord are discipled and raised up and not just attacked by the media."

       Ramsey came to know the Lord on New Year's Eve 1990 in a dramatic fashion. She had a strong background in New Age that permeates the West Coast. She had the "I'm OK, you're OK" philosophy where everyone finds their own way to God, and they believe there are many ways to God.

       "It took a dramatic wake-up call," she said. "God allowed a demonic presence to manifest right before my eyes, and I was with a born-again Christian lady when that happened. It was a scary thing."

       Prior to being saved, the five-year veteran of "General Hospital" was so steeped in New Age that she had begun channeling, or contacting a spirit guide.

       "When you are channeling, a familiar spirit, (the devil's counterfeit of God's Holy Spirit) speaks through you. I thought this "spirit guide" had been given to me by God in order to help people. I was very, very deceived." Ramsey said. "I thought I was doing God's work; but He showed me later that the demonic presence which manifested itself on New Year's Eve was, in fact, one and the same as the "spirit guide" that I had been channeling. I was shocked! It was like someone telling you that your best friend is the devil."

       Ramsey's wake-up call from the Lord made her angry that she had been deceived for so long.

       "The quote that always comes up in me is, 'My people perish for lack of knowledge,'" she said. "I find it interesting that he said my people. I was one of those. I was raised Catholic, went to parochial schools for 12 years and Mass every day. We never had a Bible in our house. I wasn't aware of what God said in Leviticus, that He would turn His face against those who seek after mediums and spiritists. That's what you are doing when you see a psychic."

       Now Ramsey helps to break the powers of darkness and deception and bring that knowledge to a deceived world.

       "I loved God. I was honestly seeking for truth, but I was seeking in the wrong places." she said. I believe that most people in the New Age movement really and truly are looking for more of God and are looking for the truth. For me, it's exciting to go back and say, 'been there, done that, and that is not the way.' Sometimes it's easier because people relate to you if you've been there."

       That's why they call their monthly group "Seeking Truth," to draw in those who are seeking truth from all different areas.

       Before Ramsey was saved, she thought all Christians were weak, wimpy weirdoes. Now that she's one of them, Ramsey knows it takes more than weak, wimpy people to present the gospel. At her meetings, she provides worship music, preaching and altar calls, where people have been healed and delivered.

       "It's not just a Bible study. We worship, and we have a message. After the message we follow as the Holy Spirit leads; usually into a time of altar calls, laying on of hands, and praying for individual needs. The Holy Ghost always shows up causing many to weep and others to be slain in the spirit. God moves and does whatever He wants to do. We are really having church."

       While everyone can't minister in Hollywood, Ramsey believes that it is a mission field that needs to be harvested. Based on her background and God's calling, she has the unique opportunity of working that field.

       "It's a place I think most people feel is untouchable," she said, "but God's opened a door for me to go in there."

       Ramsey's stint in television also includes two years working with Stacy Keach on the "Mike Hammer" show, two years on NBC's "Generations" and can currently be seen in reruns of 'California Dreams'.

       Ramsey's group regularly receives letters from people wanting to help get the word out about the meetings.

       "This morning I spoke with a lady who works with a directive from Cindy Jacobs in Colorado. They do prayer walks and have 24-hour prayer and worship for Hollywood. It's called United Prayer for Hollywood," she said. "God is really bringing people, it seems, from all the different areas to target the entertainment businesses. They have a prayer walk right on the studio lot that we are meeting on."

       Ramsey welcomes prayer from all. If you have a burden for a particular Hollywood star, write and let Ramsey know.

       "After I got saved, and even now, I run into people who say, 'When you were on "General Hospital," I used to pray for you.' That's always touched me so deeply. I know my salvation was the result of many people's prayers. I want to encourage people all over the country that their prayers do mean something. You can change the life of someone. If God gives you a burden to pray for someone, you can reap a harvest with those prayers."

Write to Ramsey at P.O Box 77, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. Look for Gail Ramsey's column each month on page 3 of ConnectionMagazine.