Future is Bright for Tribe Pitcher
Tim Drew
by Terry Nighswonger

       "It's all part of the game." That's the attitude of Tim Drew as his baseball career took a dramatic upswing and downturn all in the span of a few weeks. Due to injuries in the Cleveland Indians pitching lineup, Drew was called up from the minor leagues in mid-July. He pitched his second start in the major leagues and brought home his first win.

       Shortly after his win, Drew commented on how he was handling the excitement of being in the major leagues.

       "I think I am a very humble person. I don't go out there and try to get the big head. I'm here because God wants me here. I could just as easily be out of the game tomorrow, and who knows what God's got planned for me. Only He knows," Drew said. "I love to play the game, and I like to use the game to reach out to other people."

       A few weeks later, he was sent back to the Indians' Class AAA team in Buffalo.

       "I have a peace knowing that everything happens for a reason," Drew said. "For them to call me up was a great opportunity. I wanted to stay."

       Drew's peace comes from knowing God and knowing that, with God, he can't fail. Drew also knows that God has greater plans for the 21-year-old Georgia native. Someday, he would like to share his testimony with large crowds. He knows that everything that happens in his life is preparing him for the next level in which God will take him.

       "The scripture says, 'don't worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself.' (Matthew 6:34). I don't get caught up in where I'm at," Drew said. "I try to stay focused. Like Peter walking on the water. When he was focused on God, he stayed up. When he took his eyes off of Him, he sank. I know if I focus on God, my walk will be straighter. I love the game, but it's never my No.1 priority."

       Raised in a small Baptist church, Drew came to know the Lord in a personal way when he was 9 years old.

       "It seemed like ever since I was in momma's womb we've been in church," Drew said. "We didn't miss a day of church regardless of the situation growing up. I've always had a strong belief in the Lord. In everything that I've done, I've put my faith in Him. That's the biggest part of my life. I've got my priorities right, I think. People say, 'This is awesome, you know, you're living your dream,' which it is. It's great. At the same time, it's a way for me to glorify God. It's a ministry to other people."

       Keeping focused on God is easier when you have people to keep you accountable and you make studying God's Word and praying a priority in your day. Drew said, he has plenty of friends and family and a girlfriend in Georgia who support him and help keep his head out of the clouds.

       "You have to get to know God," Drew said. "It's like any relationship. If you don't communicate-pray and study God's word-you can't get to know Him." Other Christian baseball players have also helped encourage Drew.

       "Travis (Fryman) is a great guy. My first year in spring training, in 1997 after I signed, I was leading some Bible studies there and actually went to some Bible studies in Lakeland, Florida, when Travis was a part of Detroit," Drew said.

       Whatever the future holds, the young pitcher is confident of who holds his future.

       "I take things in stride," Drew said. "God's working with me and I know He's in control."