Letter from Editor

      &nbspAfter the birth of our son Brian, my wife had 7 miscarriages over an eight-year period. We sought expert medical advice at the Cleveland Clinic to no avail.

      &nbspAfter a variety of tests, they basically threw their hands in the air and said that they were sorry that they couldn't help us.

      &nbspA few months later, a peace came over my wife. For the first time in years, she wasn't troubled over her inability to give birth. She explained that God had told her not to strive to have a child. The peace in her life was so strong that I knew she had to have heard from God.

      &nbspA few months later, as we were entering church, the Lord impressed it upon my heart to expect a special blessing. During the service, Pastor Joe Terry felt led to pray for women who wanted to have children. After praying for some other women, the pastor prophesied to my wife that God was going to give her a child. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I realized the special blessing that God had prepared for my wife and I that morning.

      &nbspA few months later, my wife became pregnant. We began telling everyone about our blessing as we prepared for a successful birth. However, when my wife was four months pregnant, the doctors warned us that the baby had Down syndrome and recommended that we should abort the baby. We refused, to their dismay.

      &nbspAbout a month later, the doctors did several tests and diagnosed my wife with cancer of the cervix. They told us that in order to save my wife, surgery was recommended but that it would cause the baby to be aborted. Nevertheless, we refused the cancer surgery.

      &nbspWhen my wife was six months pregnant the doctors told us that the baby was distressed in the womb. They told us that they had to take the baby out immediately. Since these doctors had suggested abortion in the past, we refused to allow them to induce labor at 6 months. With unrestrained anger they threatened to seek a judges order to force the issue. We left the hospital and prayed for God's will. Thankfully, the judge's order never came.

      &nbspApproximately two and a half months later, my wife called me at work describing her pain. I left work early to take her straight to the hospital. The doctor's again said that our baby was in distress and told us that they had to take the baby by cesarean right away. They also said our daughter had a heart problem and would need immediate heart surgery. They said she would only live one year. I immediately went to the hospital chapel to pray. The Lord gave me peace and we allowed the doctors to deliver our baby.

      &nbspAfter the birth of our beautiful little daughter, the doctor confirmed that it was "perfect timing". Apparently, the fluid in the womb that surrounded our baby had been slowly leaking out. It was perfect timing. God's timing.

      &nbspThe doctors checked our daughter who we named Shannah, and there was no Down syndrome as they had earlier predicted. Although, now they insisted she would need open heart surgery.

      &nbspThree months later, after doing another biopsy on my wife, the doctor informed us that the cancer was gone. Not a trace remained.

      &nbspToday, our daughter Shannah is 10 years old, and a great reminder of the miracle working power of Jesus. And by the way, our daughter's heart is fine. She never needed open heart surgery. By the grace of God, she has a strong heart and loves to ice skate for Jesus.

      &nbspWe learned that when God plants a seed of faith, the devil will try to abort it.

      &nbspHowever, the Word of God says, "Resist the devil and he will flee".