Jesus and Christmas

      &nbspRegarding the letter in the last issue titled, "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".

      &nbspLighten up. God's word says He lives in the praises of His people. He also says "One can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight, My point is.... "I believe God is so pleased that hundreds of thousands of Christians all over the world at one time...in one accord "unite" our hearts and minds this one day to sing, pray, rejoice and reflect on the goodness, mercy and love of God the Father in sending Jesus into the world.

      &nbspWho cares what day it is? All the love and joy, peace and praise give great honor to the King of Glory, Christ Jesus our Lord.


      &nbsp-"free indeed", Pamela McEachern,
      &nbspShaker Heights

Saved From Suicide

      &nbspI am writing to tell you what happened because of Connection Magazine. I volunteer one Saturday each month at my church. However, I switched with someone and it wasn't my scheduled Saturday. I was taking phone calls and this lady called, wanting to talk to the Pastor, but he was on vacation. I asked if I could help and she said that no one could help her, not even God. Of course I witnessed to her and she said, "But I am Catholic". I told her that didn't matter because God still loved her too. She poured her heart out to me and I told her some things about me. She couldn't believe that I had and have some of her same problems. Finally we prayed and she said she was coming to church the next day. She said that she called the church because she was reading Connection Magazine and she was reading Pastor Paul's Power Points.

      &nbspLater, I decided to call her back to tell her about a seminar that was advertised in the Connection Magazine. She was despondent again and said she was going to kill herself. She said it was no use so I told her to hang on and I went and got my sister who also happened to be there that day. She counseled her and prayed with her. That night we were having the Jews for Jesus group visiting the church and that lady came and found my sister, one thing led to another and one of the ladies witnessed to her and she got saved that night. All because of Connection Magazine, just think what might have happened if your paper wouldn't have been there. Keep up the good work.

      &nbsp-Sharon Tracy, North Ridgeville