Steve Grant, whose nickname in the NFL was "Preacher Man," tells young people wherever he goes that his relationship with Jesus is more important than all the awards and honors he received as a college player, and also all the money his NFL career provided.

       Grant takes every opportunity to not only tell about Christ, but also to encourage Christian teachers and students on the public school mission field.

        "The Scripture says, 'Suffer not the little children to come unto me,' so God has a special place for young kids, for young children, (and) for young teenagers in the faith because they're open to conform more to the things of God," Grant says. "If God can pour His Spirit within them, they can cause the environment to totally change at their school. If they don't know that they have that type of influence or authority within them, then they'll never activate it."

        "I build them up in the faith to encourage them that you can change and you can control what takes place in your school if you...come together and realize who you are and whose you are," he says.

       Grant also says there have always been committed Christians in the NFL, but recently more high-profile players have become bolder about sharing their faith.

        "There's been athletes who have always acknowledged their faith," he says, "but...the media didn't want to cover them. But now a lot of the big-name athletes are Christians, and (the media has) no choice but to interview them. So you're seeing a lot of athletes share their faith, and those are the ones that are All-Pro now."

        "One of the greatest stories (is about St. Louis Rams quarterback) Kurt Warner-the media, the people, (and) the nation want to hear...his story." Warner is a very vocal Christian.

       Grant is part of Sportsworld, Inc., the Indianapolis-based organization that sends former pro athletes around the world telling young people about faith, hard work, and perseverance. He played with the Indianapolis Colts and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while in the NFL.