Former Playboy Bunny Discovers Her Value in God's Economy

by Allie Martin

        (AgapePress) - A former Playboy Bunny is now crusading against pornography. She says the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle is a facade that leads only to personal destruction.

       In the early 1970s, Brenda McKillop was a struggling college student from Virginia. She was lured by the excitement of the Hollywood lifestyle, so she moved to California seeking fame and fortune. From 1973 to 1976, she worked as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Los Angeles.

       As a young girl, she had accepted Christ as Savior, but had moved away from the Lord. McKillop still recalls one evening at the club, when a group of Christians were witnessing to patrons.

        "That left a very strong impression on my memory, because the people coming in just threw [tracts given to them by Christians outside the club] across the desk and said, 'There's some nuts out there...[some] zealots,' and I picked up one of the tracts and looked at it and saw that they were trying to witness to the people to come to the Lord. I thought, 'How de'classe', I'm a Bunny and I go to church, so I'm okay.' But I wasn't okay."

       She says she suffered from low self-esteem during her years with Playboy, but found a cure for that after moving back to her home state of Virginia in 1977.

        "It was then that I rededicated my life to the Lord, asked Him to come in and cleanse me, and He filled me with His Holy Spirit," she says. "I had always believed He was there, but I never believed that He really cared for me, that He really knew I was there as an individual person, and He opened up Scripture to me and told me that every hair on my head was numbered, that I was a joint heir with Jesus Christ."

        "The best cure [for anybody] for low self-esteem, for depression and suicidal to look in the Word of God and find out how much we are valued in God's economy."

McKillop now travels the country speaking out about the dangers of pornography. She and her husband, a pastor, live in Virginia and have three children.