Through faith in Jesus Christ, Connection Magazine's
    editor-in-chief, Jon Hanna over came a trial of injury
    and impending poverty. After a postal injury left him
    with a herniated disc in his neck and the threat of
    paralization, with or without surgery, Jon Hanna turned
    to the ultimate physician, Jesus Christ. "The Lord restored
    my ability to praise Him and that's when my recovery and
    restoration began," Hanna declares. Out of work since
    December of 1996, the Lord reminded Hanna of a vision
    he had in 1992 and led him to 'do it.'  In February of 1997,
    jobless and still recovering from his injury, he obeyed the
    Lord and started Connection Magazine, a free Christian
    publication designed to 'connect Christian with Christian,
    church with church and the unsaved lost sinner with Jesus.
    After writing his vision on paper, many began to sign large,
    one-year contracts, and writers such as former Hollywood
    soap star, Gail Ramsey; former NFL punter, Brian Wagner; renowned financial consultant Larry Burkett; and
    others, committed to submit articles for the magazine. By
    May 1997, just 3 months after pursuing the vision,
    Connection Magazine was available at Northern Ohio,
    Finast Supermarkets; Cuyahoga County Libraries; Christian Bookstores; and many Churches in Greater
    Cleveland. Now Connection Magazine is in all Cleveland
    Public Libraries. The magazine is also available at many other locations including the Galleria, and Tower City in Downtown, Cleveland. "It was either God speaking to me or just vain
    imagination to start this. I figured that if it was vain imagination, nothing would come of it, but if it's really the Lord, then
    everything will come together," says Hanna. Obviously it has,
    as the response from the Christian businesses and churches has
    been very favorable for Connection Magazine. It is proving to
    be a conduit to help bring about the unity of the body of Jesus
    Christ. Hanna is intent on giving all praise and glory to Jesus,
    Lord and Savior, 'the lifter of our head and restorer of our soul. What the devil means for evil, God will turn around for good.