by Bryan Wagner  

Our Cleveland Indians are not the 1997 World Series champions.  However, this group of  athletes has done some tremendous things throughout the regular season, as well as the postseason.

We have seen them win another division title.  We were on the edge of our seats when they beat those dreaded Bronx Bombers, the New York Yankees.  We cheered them on to defeat the Baltimore Orioles and get into the World Series for the second time in three years.  And during the "big dance" itself, we're are on an emotional roller coaster ride through the wins and losses.

Individually, there have been fantastic performances by these ball players.  Sandy Alomar has had a career year in his home runs to win the All-Star MVP and beat the Yankees.  Marquis Grissom's home run to put the Indians on track to edge the Orioles and Tony Fernandez' shot to finally put them away.  Jim Thome's 40 home runs.  Individual pitching performances.  Gold Gloves to Omar Vizquel and Matt Williams.  Silver Slugger awards to Williams and David Justice.  The list goes on and on.    

More importantly, the things that I am very excited about are the testimonies that were shared by the Christians on the team.  Tony Fernandez on National TV explaining how important Jesus Christ is to his life and the circumstances that brought him to be in the right place at the right time.  Orel Hershiser's bold leadership inside the locker room, in the dugout and outside on the field.  Kevin Seitzer's giving glory to God.  Many Christian examples and testimonies by Mike Jackson, Bip Roberts, Chad Ogea, Eric Plunk and others.  These men know what is most important in their lives and they truly are following Jesus' example in Matthew 6:19-21 by storing up treasures in heaven.