Chosen To Be Blessed:
Charmain McAllister

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Char Sings Songs of Healing


by Jon Hanna

Charmaine McAllister (fondly called Char) has been anointed and appointed by God, to sing His Praises!

Born in Jamaica, Char began singing Gospel music at the age of six. She remembers being very shy and timid, but when it came to singing God's praises, a Holy boldness would overtake her and dismiss the fears, even when ministering to crowds of hundreds.

God has blessed her with the ability to turn her life experiences, good and bad, happy or sad, into a beautiful melody.

Every song on her Chosen To Be Blessed C.D. has a story behind it. For example, "Smile", was written by Charmaine one day after her sister-in-law, Kimberly was involved in a near fatal automobile accident in which she suffered a broken neck and numerous other injuries. Charmaine sang at her bedside and the spirit of the song "Smile", helped to bring Kimberly Thomas back to complete health.

Char's producer is husband Jonathan. He has worked with numerous musicians, choirs and groups (including the Winans). Presently he is choir director for the Gospel Choir of Penn State University.

Convinced that God has prepared and empowered them for the purpose of reconciling fallen man back to Himself, Jonathan and Char are committed to share their music ministry with all people, crossing all barriers of race, color, culture and religious persuasion.

In March of this year, Char opened up for the award winning Daryl Coley and the spirit filled Vanessa Bell Armstrong, at the Covenant Church in Pittsburgh, where Joseph Garlington is pastor.

"Chosen To Be Blessed" is on sale at 34 National Record Mart locations, Family Christian Bookstores and other retailers.

By God's grace, Char and Jonathan have been Chosen To Be Blessed and to be a blessing!