Church On The Roll
by Decarlos Kinds

'Church On The Roll' is the name that the volunteers have affectionately given the bus ministry which has made the 1650 mile trek from the B.U.S.E.S. Int'l headquarters in Amherst, Ohio to Piedras Negras, Mexico up to four times each year for the last nine years. Northeast Ohio's 

Church On The Rise is the Spirit filled, non-denominational church from which the nick-name was adapted. This 'rolling flock' is shepherded by Rev. Norm Beetler, president of both B.U.S.E.S. International and U-GO International Ministries. In December 1988, after 27 years of traditional church pastoring, Rev. Beetler saw a vision of a school bus converted into a clinic. This vision was the catalyst from which the bus ministries 
were spawned. 

B.U.S.E.S. Int'l takes old school buses, strips, refurbishes and equips them as dental and medical clinics for use in the mission fields by established missionaries in Third World Countries such as: Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti. With the full-time aid and expertise of Tom Szychowicz, electrician and independent contractor, Rev. Beetler converts, at a cost of $12,000 - $15,000 each, run down school buses into havens which share healing, heaven, and hope. The faith and dedication of these two visionary men of God along with their respective wives and devoted volunteers, are making the fulfillment of Christ's great commission possible for many missionaries. (Go ye therefore, and 
teach all nations...Matthew 28:19a) The twenty-fourth clinic to be 
donated is currently being equipped with two dental stations for a twenty year missionary dentist in the Honduras. 

Each traveling clinic converted by B.U.S.E.S. Int'l is the love and 
workmanship of Rev. Beetler and Mr. Szychowicz. This ministering duo also heads the entourage of professional and lay volunteers who likewise take Christ's great commission to 'Go ye...' personally and make the journey of love to Mexico with U-GO Int'l. U-GO Int'l is an interdenominational ministry which takes volunteer teams of doctors, dentists, ministers and caring people, both young and old just like you, to the forgotten people living in the garbage dumps of Mexico. 

Each clinic is equipped with: a self-contained generator, air compressor, an on board lavatory, dental chair, medical examining table and a 100 gal. water tank. Large canopies draped from each side of the bus create four ministering stations where U-GO volunteers: cut hair, wash hair, bathe babies, distribute fresh, gently worn clothing, toiletries, food, and Spanish tracts and Bibles. Of course, all of these immediate physical needs are met after Rev. Beetler meets their spiritual need. The message of salvation and hope in Jesus Christ is shared with the aid of an interpreter. 

From the moment the buses arrive (around nine o'clock a.m.) until they depart (approximately five thirty p.m.) they are a hub of constant activity. 

Two years ago, the first pediatrician to join U-GO Int'l was Dr. Jaya Shah. "I read an article in the Plain Dealer about what Rev. Beetler is doing and I contacted him to see if I could help. I've tried to help other ministries, but I wasn't allowed because I am Hindu." states Dr. Shah. "Going makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel like I'm using my education. Were treated between 60-80 children for ring worm, lice, pneumonia and parasites."  Loaded with samples from colleagues and pharmaceutical reps, and a giving heart, Dr. Shah spreads her love of people in addition to the medical care. Along with Dr. Shah, several Baptist dentists have accompanied U-GO Int'l to Mexico in the past.  In April 1998, a Jewish dentist will go as well. There is always room for you! 

Lee Szychowicz, Tom's wife, has gone on twelve trips with U-GO Int'l. "I am now enrolled in nursing school so I can better help the people", Lee states as she pairs gently worn juvenile outfits (to be smuggled across the border) in one of forty suitcases donated from Canada. Lee continues, "They need so much. Everyone comes back home so thankful. In Mexico, they don't always have clean water, so they don't bathe or brush their teeth regularly. Also due to the water shortage, mothers can't use cloth diapers, and disposable ones are at a premium. They hang used diapers out to dry and be re-used when they can. Small children don't have access to juvenile underpants and often they wear their parent's. It's so sad." 

Two years ago, U-GO Int'l started giving shoe box Christmas gifts filled with toiletries and trinkets along with the gift of the gospel. U-GO volunteers such as Lee, all agree that "On a mission trip, Christmas is everyday! You feel like Santa Claus every day down there." They were able to distribute 3400 shoe boxes for Christmas 1996. Their goal this year is 5000. If you, your church, or organization would like to take part in this ministry and help send Christmas to someone who really needs to experience Christ's love, contact U-GO Int'l for a copy of the shoe box list. Beginning November 28th, volunteers are needed to help organize and fill the shoe boxes at the U-GO headquarters in Amherst, Ohio. 

There is a need for your help in these ministries both here and abroad, whether you are a medical professional, ordained minister, or just a caring individual who wants to really make a difference! Monetary support, like that received from Foursquare Gospel in Amherst, Church on the North Coast, and Bay Presbyterian is used to build clinics, purchase food in Mexico and the overall continuance of the ministry of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

For more information about donating shoe boxes, volunteering your time at the headquarters, traveling to Mexico with U-GO Int'l, or providing monetary support, 

Rev. Norm Beetler- President 
          B.U.S.E.S. Int'l & U-GO Int'l 
          340 Park Ave., Apt. #2 
          Amherst, OH 44001 
          (440) 988-2365