Racing To The Finish Line
 In an era of money-grabbing athletes with egos the size of Texas, Pancho Mendoza is a welcome addition to the sports scene.

Mendoza, who will race his Indy-type car this year on the Toyota Atlantic Championship circuit, has perhaps the most unique race team in the sport.
The uniqueness starts with the No. 7 Mendoza car. It's a bright orange machine that, instead of being plastered with sponsor logos, says simply, "Racing For Jesus."
The car has no sponsor logos because there are no sponsors. "There's not going to be any other name but the name of Jesus on the car," Pancho says. "We don't want this to be a racecar like anybody else's."

Mendoza, in an effort to focus all the attention on Jesus Christ, is supported by donations from people who share his mission. "Many people spend millions of dollars just to get the fame and glory," says Pancho, who is interested in neither.
Why is Mendoza doing this? "The main goal is to catch souls," he says. "If just one person trusts in Jesus Christ, it will be worth it. We can win races, but I'm committed to winning people to Christ."
A two-time national champion in Mexico and the son of an orthopedic surgeon, Mendoza became a Christian 10 years ago. Two years ago, he decided to stop being what he calls "a selfish Christian," which led to his single-minded goal of "Racing for Jesus."

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