Ed Kasputis
A Man Of Integrity

 by Patricia Mitchell

In a busy corporate cafe, Ed Kasputis' voice is clear and distinct above the crowd's chatter. His oratory skills may have been perfected in law school or as the 16th District representative in the Ohio House of Representatives. Nevertheless his voice is strong and robust, but even more importantly, Kasputis is a man whose voice has helped accomplish many dreams.

Kasputis shared his salvation testimony in a matter of fact fashion. "I became a Christian at 20 years old, my mother at the time was dying of brain cancer." He continued, "I was dating a young lady that was a Born-again Christian and it changed by paradigm. A few months later, I accepted Jesus into my heart; about a month later, my mother died and a couple of weeks later, I started my first business." He also added, "And during the same summer, my political philosophy was formed."

Kasputis started an ice creme company through the summers of graduate school and law school. He graduated from both law school and graduate business school in December of 1987. In 1990, he started his own law practice and was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. He represents the 16th House District in Cuyahoga County. The district includes Bay Village, part of Brook Park, North Olmsted, Olmsted Township, Rocky River, and Westlake.

For the past two years, Kasputis campaigned to be the next Secretary of State. Although his attempt was unsuccessful, he realized how crucial it is for Christians to be in the political forefront. "We need to get Christians more involved in the political arena." He stressed, "The Christian community must be organized financially. We need to train and understand that sometimes the cost of good government is tied directly to godly leaders." Explaining the contrast, he says, "The ungodly people are giving a lot of money because they want power. However, we understand that all power is derived from God. Government coupled with godly leaders can be an instrument of God."
Looking at new horizons, Kasputis" future plans do include, "preparing for my return as a political candidate for an office in the State of Ohio." He is reasonable with his aspirations as he explains, "I look forward to still chasing dreams. All great leaders, like Abraham Lincoln, were in and out of public service."
With a strong work ethic and commitment to family, Kasputis smiles as he talks about the benefits of the private sector. He chuckles, "After serving in the Ohio House for the last seven years, it is one thing to work a 12-hour day in Cleveland and it is another thing to work a 12-hour day in Columbus, so far away from home." Kasputis plans to continuing working twelve-hour days as an entrepreneur. His desire is to start a seminar company to teach business people how to be strong, ethical, godly leaders.

In speaking about his private life and his wife Lee, Kasputis'
voice subsides to an undercurrent of ease and pure joy. "Let me tell you about my wife," he exclaims, "she is an attorney, who is a stay at home mom, by choice. She is a Proverbs 31 woman, who is home schooling our children."
Acknowledging her strengths, he says, "She has a passion for adoption and helping other families adopt babies. She is an expert at it."

Lee is responsible for having started an adoption support group at Bay Presbyterian Church. Kasputis says that his wife's love and passion is fueled by her generous heart. With humility, Kasputis shares, "There has been a few times in my life when I did not have vision in a particular area. One of those times was prior to the adoption of our children. At the beginning, it was my wife dragging me across the finish line."
Recalling the first time he saw his adopted daughter Megan, he says, "She was only 20 hours old when we walked into the bonding room. When I saw my daughter for the first time, I literally began to weep. It was at that moment, I knew how much God loved me." The Kasputis family now includes two other children, a son named Jake and their youngest daughter Zoe.

Kasputis encourages potential adopting fathers, and addresses the question, "Can you love a child that is not your own?" Kasputis is certain, "God knows that you are supposed to be that child's father. It is a leap of faith and with it, God will bless you." He reminds the men that the ultimate adoption was Joseph adopting Jesus as his own.
"We are looking forward to going to China in the next six months to adopt another child." Kasputis says that his wife wants 10 children and he chuckles, "I continue to negotiate with her. It's my wife's passion that makes my home such an enjoyable place to go."