Students from Chamberlin, Kenston, Bedford and other high Schools meet at the poles
By Decarlos Kinds
Seven a.m. Wednesday, September 17, standing in dew laden grass, underneath heavy, rain filled clouds, thousands of Ohio students encircled their high school's flag poles.  

This scene was simultaneously duplicated at junior and senior high school's across America. It was not a student protest nor a display of fisticuffs that evoked this gathering. There was no rap or pop group performing an early morning concert either. What could cause hundreds of thousands of pubescent teens to throng their flagpoles before school begins? Prayer. Yes, prayer! 

See You At The Poles is an organized prayer meeting conducted by youth leaders rallied around American High School flagpoles. SYATP takes place annually the third Wednesday in September. It was begun as a prayer meeting of several Texas high school students in early 1990. The word spread abroad and this evangelism challenge was accepted first by teens throughout the great state of Texas that following September. Each year since its inception, the prayer groups have increased to include more than one million students. 

America's youth fill the late summer days leading to the annual pilgrimage with discussions of new teachers, classes, clothes, fads, friends, and prayer. These young adults become, if at no other time, disciples for Christ. They evangelize to their peers of the peace and power available to them through prayer. 

During the weeks surrounding this event, high school hallways, cafeterias and buses are abuzz with personal testimonies, and encouragement for others to join these veterans and partake of our privilege and First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion, Speech ? and Rights of Assembly and Petition established by our Constitution. Brian McNair, of Twinsburg's R. B. Chamberlin High School, elaborates. "Each year after "See You At The Poles"  students seem to stop doing some things they know they shouldn't do,  at least for a while. It's really encouraging to attend because people will say that your prayer was really nice. It really inspired me." 

For SYATP '97 Kenston High schoolers in Chagrin Falls assembled under the direction of Paul Reed. "This year's rally (of approximately thirty students) was a lot larger than last year's.  It was a really good turnout for our school."  States Ebony Huckabee, a Kenston senior and prayer leader for SYATP '96 and '97. Miss Huckabee continues, "God really moved toward the end. You could tell the differences in the prayers of different denominations. Everyone was free to worship in their own way. God really blessed." The anointing of God was tangible. It was evident on the crowd's tear streaked faces as Miss Huckabee closed out See You At The Poles '97 by leading the worship song "I Will Do A New Thing In You" 

The Baby Boomers have branded their children the "X-Generation".  Baby Boomers, wake up!  For a growing remnant, that "X"  is not the brand of the unknown, but the emblem of an extraordinary generation destined and preparing to do exploits in Jesus'  Name!  Our youth are learning to do battle in the Spirit by sharpening their weapon of prayer. Is there hope for our country, our future? Certainly. As promised in II Chronicles 7:14 KJV, "If my people pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sin, and will heal their land," saith the Lord. 

For the many faithful teens who stood for Christ praying alone at their schools this year, Be Encouraged! Your labor is not in vain in the Lord. (I Corinthians 15:58) This remnant of power-packed teens is an awesome example even to we war-wearied adults. Keep Praying!! We will See You At The Poles next year.