Christain Country

Terry Lee Goffee  

Last month I listed the winners of the CGMA awards that were recently held in Knoxville, Tennessee. The award for entertainer of the year went to a good friend of mine. His name is Don Richmond and he is not only one of my favorite Christian Country performers, but one of my favorite people as well. The list of awards this man has received would fill this entire article so I will just highlight some of them for you. Don is a 3 time Entertainer of the Year winner and was voted Top Christian Country Artist for 1997 by the ICGMA. His duet with Country Music legend Stonewall Jackson, "Jesus is my lifeline", was named Vocal Collaboration of The Year. The song is the longest running number one Christian Country song in Music City News history, lasting 4 months in the top position. In addition, Don is the only artist to have a number one song on the charts for 5 straight months, songs in every top 10 chart for an entire year, 2 songs in the top 5 simultaneously (he's done it twice) and one or more songs in every top 5 chart for eleven straight months. To put it bluntly, the man is just awesome. 

Don Richmond grew up in the suburbs of Maryland just outside of Washington D.C..  In high school he began writing songs and entertaining his classmates. With an interest in travel he made several trips to Memphis, where he met and spent time with Elvis Presley. After High School Don attended college while singing in bands at night. While singing at the famous Palomino Club in Los Angeles he met P J Proby, a recording artist who was popular in England. Don was eventually signed by Safari-EMI Records and toured with various charting British recording stars. 

During the 1980's Don experienced a spiritual renewal, which led him to approach his music differently. since then he has been writing and recording songs with a positive, family oriented, Christian message. Don recently appeared on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville where he and Stonewall Jackson sang their award winning song "Jesus is my lifeline". Don moved to Nashville in 1993 but spends most of his time touring the country and ministering to people everywhere he goes. Like I said, Don Richmond is one of my favorite people. if you have a chance to see and hear Don in person somewhere, I'm sure he'll become one of your favorites too. Until next month, we're keepin' it country, but keepin' it Christian.