Jumpin' Ska High!

Why getting a good look at The Supertones ain't easy...

by maddog

Now I see the band.
Now I don't. 
Now I see the band.
Now I don't...

It was like the crowd all around me was bouncing on a giant trampoline.

What they were doing was hopping to the upbeat, horn-driven tunes of  The Supertones' one of those fun-loving Christian ska bands. Sk,  influenced by a variety of musical styles, including reggae and punk, has very quickly become one of the hottest sounds in pop music.
And The Supertones may be the hottest ska band to hit the Christian music scene. At the concert I attended, the band headlined a show that drew two sold-out crowds. And the band's popularity won it a spot as the opening act for Audio Adrenaline's multi-city "Zombie" tour this winter. (Hey, guess who plays the horns on Audio A's new album?)
Yeah, The Supertones' sound is big. Very big. And attracts all kinds of music lovers. Fans of more "mainstream" acts, like Newsboys and Rebecca St. James, can't seem to get enough of the band's groovin", bounce-inducing beat.
And with strong roots in the punk and skate scene, the music certainly attracts fans with multi-colored hair and skateboards. Of course, many guy fans come dressed in skinny black ties, white shirts and black dress slacksÑtypical ska apparel. (Oh, yeah, and at the show I attended, there was one guy with plastic Viking horns for headgear. Weird.)

No doubt about it, ska is party-down, have-a-ton-of-fun kind of music. And when fans aren't bouncing, they're "skanking", which is sort of like being in a boxing match with an invisible Munchkin. Arms swinging low, and legs giving a kick here and there. (Hey, during the concert, I got kicked and punched a few times, probably says something about my height, huh?)

But as fun as ska is, The Supertones do have a serious side, though. In the middle of the ban's set, drummer Jason Carson took center stage, picked up an acoustic guitar, and led the crowd in several worship songs. He followed up his "praise set" with a mini-sermon on getting in tune with God's purpose for your life.

As for the lyrics, the band's latest album, The Supertones Strike Back (BEC), encourages listeners to dive deep into God's grace ("Grace Flood"), get totally committed ("Resolution") and hang in there when times get tough ("Perseverance of the Saints").

"We are here to serve God and put him first" Jason told me prior to the concert. "The whole point of this band is to see Christians grow closer to Christ, and to see non-Christians come to know him. Period."

And their fans are definitely having a hoppin'  good time along the way.  Period.

Reprinted by permission, Campus Life