The Glory Story
by Patricia Mitchell

Debbie clearly remembers the vision she received on January 8, 1996. She simply explains, "The Lord spoke it into my heart."  Debbie talked about how everything from the business name to the logo design and company scripture was specifically designed by the Lord to glorify Him.

" I had never done a basket or never had an idea to do one. I discovered it was God's purpose and destiny for my life." Debbie humbly says, "I didnÕt ask God for Glory Baskets, but I am only a steward of this idea and it is a way of letting people know that they are loved by Jesus."

Glory Baskets' is a specialty line of gift baskets. Glory Baskets'  is distinguished by a "Just Say Glory"  customized mug and a Biblical scripture on a roll of parchment. Debbie points out that the most important element is the Word of God. She explains, "The scriptures edify the soul, break yokes of bondage, encourage people, show love and are included in every occasion basket."

Debbie travels to New York to review and select fine quality products for the baskets. "When you are doing a basket for the Lord and presenting yourself for Jesus, you want to have some of the finest products inside," she says. Driven by excellence and aware of the competitive marketplace, Debbie says, "All of the baskets are designed to be very elegant, tasteful and affordable for the consumers." Debbie has made hundreds of baskets since the company began almost two years ago. "Glory Baskets" have been shipped to 27 states and Canada.

Making reference to her company's f
oundation scripture, Matthew 5: 16, Debbie's vision for "Glory Baskets"  is to invest into the community. One long-range vision for "Glory Baskets" is to assist the homeless by refurbishing old buildings and creating low income housing.
"There are a lot of people who do not want to be homeless," says Debbie, "but they have no other choice because they are jobless and on the street. I want to show compassion and be able to provide options with homes and establish a vocation program for training. I want to show God's love."

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