by Len Howser, 104.9 FM
At a 4 - Him concert there is always lots of great music and great entertainment but when I think of a 4 - HIM concert I think of ministry. 
Talk about the ministry of 4 - Him

Kirk Sullivan: We feel like God has given us a platform, I think it would be abusing that platform if we just got up and sang. Positive Iyrics are fine but unless we share the Gospel 
with people and unless lives are changed there is no difference between people coming to see us and anybody else.

Q-One of the ministries that you actively talk about and support on your concert tour is The American Bible 
Society ; tell us why that is an important ministry to 4 - Him?

Kurt Sullivan: - The ABS has been around for a long time. They are responsible for putting a lot of bibles behind what was the Iron Curtain. We've worked with them on several occasions. We went with ABS to Russia and handed out bibles in Moscow. They are an incredible organization!

Q - A lot of people have 4 - Him CDs in their CD players. If I were to push eject on Kirk Sullivan's CD player what discs would I find?

Kirk Sullivan
In my changer right now I have. . . uhhh. . . Sting is in there right now, next to Andre Crouch É then I have Mariah Cary, Bryan Duncan, James Taylor and I think there's a 4-Him Christmas CD É thatÕs a rough guestimate of what I have in there.

Q- Tell us what to expect with 4 - Him at the Christmas 
tour '97?

Kirk Sullivan - It's a lot less of a concert and more like going to a giant living room. That's the way the stage is set up. lf you want to get into the Christmas spirit É if the retail has made Christmas a drag, come to the concert and I think we'll put you in the Christmas Spirit. You'll hear a lotof old familiar things. If you're looking for that special Christmas  I think we've got what you need.

Point of Grace
by Len Howser, 104.9 FM
Q - How long has Point of Grace been together?

Shelley Phillips - Almost 7 years... It will be 7 years this November, does that make us old??

Q - Well, you have in a sense grown up together. Now 3 of you are married and there are seven kids in the picture. Denise just a had a baby right?

A- They had to induce her. We (Point of Grace) were hanging out at the hospital all weekend saying ÔCÕMON DENISEÕ ! É ÒYou CAN DO IT!Õ Heather and I were right outside the door, we could hear everything, it was real quiet for a few minutes and then we heard "It's a BOY!!!" It was the most awesome thing in the world? In the pictures of all of us right after, we were like BOO HOOING. It was Great!

Q-What can we expect from your new album? ls it very different from your previous projects?

A - No it's not. Some people encourage us to change and be different. I think people like Point of Grace because of what we have done in the past and so we don't want to come out with something totally different. We're still going to do a lot of our signature group harmonies and stuff because I think that is what makes us different.

Q-What has been most satisfying to you personally about being a part of Point of Grace?

A - The biggest thing is just that we get to go out and sing music that a lot of people tell us ministers to them and helps them and hopefully be role models for kids. I think it's the people factor.

Q - lf I were able to open the CD player in your home what would you be listening to?

A - I love Phillips, Craig and Dean. I love their new album. They are one of my favorites. David (Shelly's husband) loves Wes King so he's in our CD player too.

Q- Tell us what the December 10 Christmas concert will be like?

A - You must come? lt will be really fun, really family oriented, funny, a good time? We have a time when we call all the little kids up on stage to sing with us. 

It's totally different, It's Totally Christmas!