Rebecca St James
The Real Deal
By Jon Hanna
In the mid to late 70s, as Christians around the world were discovering that it was okay to praise God
with contemporary music, David Smallbone was introducing the music ministries of Petra and Amy
Grant to his Australian countrymen (woman and children included).

In fact, the first concert he ever promoted was that of Larry Norman, notoriously known as the prime
instigator of today’s Christian music.  Smallbone matter-of-factly recalls that his daughter Rebecca was
only six months old at the time.

Today, she is twenty year old Rebecca St. James, an up and coming music minister in her own right. 
With songs like ‘Abba Father’ and ‘Sweet Little Jesus Boy’, she is making waves on the CCM charts. 
Her music can be heard locally on WZLE 104.9 FM and purchased at your favorite music store.

In December, Rebecca’s Christmas tour made a stop at the Willoughby Hills Friends Church. 
Accompanied by her newly formed band (Jan 96) and her entire family (mom, dad and six siblings) she had truly sung her heart out for Jesus.  Taking time between songs, she stressed being bold for Jesus and getting to know him.  “We can’t live without a daily relationship with Jesus in prayer,” she said.

She made it clear to the packed house that she hoped for a night of unified worship.  Her hope did not
disappoint her as a sea of hands swayed in the air and a multitude of voices sang harmonious praise to God.

The Beginning
While growing up in Australia, she never anticipated a music career.  Mom and dad, familiar with the
industry, actually prayed against it.  Rebecca boasts that her best decision came when at eight years old,
“I gave my life to Jesus when I realized Jesus loved me.”

Talent Discovered
At age thirteen, her High School was auditioning for a newly forming Christian rock group.  Rebecca
decided to try singing, and made the cut.  Soon the radical band was taking the Gospel to the streets and
souls were being saved.
Her personal music ministry received a big lift when, in 1991, Carmen was on tour in Australia.  A
tape with Rebecca’s unique voice on it, made it into his hands and he invited her to tour with him.

Hard Times
Moving to America two years ago introduced Rebecca and her family to disappointment.  Lean times
came when a promise fell through and her father was left jobless.  Rebecca relates the disappointment of
her family being too broke to fly back home for her grandfather’s funeral.  But that was a distant two
years ago, overshadowed now by her recent success.  She and her family currently call Nashville their

Is That An Engagement Ring?
Hey, all of you single guys can relax. Rebecca is sporting a ring on her ring finger, however it’s not an
engagement ring.  The ring is a symbol of her commitment to remain sexually pure and to wait for
marriage.  She proudly boasts of being a virgin and encourages others to make this stand.  She also
reminded the audience of the power of God’s grace and the opportunity for new beginnings through the
forgiveness of sins.

The Big Plan
Rebecca told me that she has no plans for her music ministry.  She’s content to be doing what she’s doing
and said she would give it up if the Lord asked her to.  However, she is focused and intent on having a
big family one day.  Rebecca’s big plan is to be the mother of 10 children, “husband and Lord willing of