by Dorothy Lockard

My husband and I were on a trip, and we had stopped that morning and done some Christmas shopping, bought used Christian books to send to prisons, and we had lunch. My husband wanted to keep driving to make up for lost time, but I wanted to stop by 4 p.m. to rest and look at the presents. I was tired and cranky by the time we stopped at a motel at 6 p.m.. I reminded him to get a first floor room but none was available. He seemed amazed that I wanted "all that stuff" carried up the stairs. We both dragged suitcases and bags upstairs. The room we entered was huge and it was green. It had green walls, green carpet and green bedspreads. We dragged ourselves back downstairs for another load all I could think of was crashing on the green bed. As I removed my shoes, I noticed that even the sink was green. The bathroom fixtures were also all green. Then I noticed the Gideon Bible, Green. It figures! The Bible was open and had something underlined. My curiosity was greater than my weariness so I picked it up and read: "The Lord is my Shepherd. He makes me lie down in green pastures." I started to laugh and laugh and laugh. I told my husband, and we laughed together - and laughed some more. All our weariness disappeared. We got up and went out for supper.