by Marie Sandoz


 Gloria a Dios!  It's finally out!  We're talking about the new recording that everyone is talking about.  The singer: Melissa Sanchez (Senquiz) is a local artist from Lorain, Ohio, completely dedicated to the Lord and to the ministry.  "Nostalgia" is the title of this new recording and is in fact Melissa's 2nd album, and Wow!

 Once you set play you won't be able to stop listening.  Each and every song ministers in a very special way.  "El Soldado Cristiano" (The Christian Soldier) has become everyone's favorite; it just makes you wanna' praise the Lord out loud, lift your hands and keep praising.  And when you hear the "cuatro" playing those cords, you just have to shout Hallelujah!

 And speaking about the cuatro, the music on this album is extraordinary and very anointed.  It has that something that reaches into your heart, and believe me, something has gotta happen!

 God bless Proezas Productions for such a terrific job in the music and the arrangements, and the whole team from J&L recordings who participated in the recording.  Great arrangement by Luis Sandoz, who directed the music on this album.

 This project took about 2 years of hard work and prayer, not to mention the obstacles, however, Melissa never gave up, knowing and trusting God to keep his promise.  He is a faithful God, and nothing is impossible for Him.

 If you know you have received a calling from God, you should obey him, not looking at the odds, not listening to the enemy who's only purpose is to destroy your life.  Rather, trust in the Lord, the one that has conquered the world and the one that will reward you and give you victory in Him.

 God bless you Melissa, congratulations on your new release and lots of blessings in your  tours around the United States.