Be A Winner! 

 by Bryan Wagner 

Who is your favorite baseball player? What makes him stand out from the rest? Which guy would you want in the dugout with you when it becomes crunch time? These are only a few of the questions that need to be answered to find a great player and someone we want to be like.

Let me add some more qualifications. A player that is there day in, day out with a great attitude giving it his all. Playing hard, playing hurt and getting his uniform dirty. A player that encourages, lifts up slumping teammates and is always a joy to be around. A real TEAM player, a guy who makes those around him better and looks out for the interests of those around him. A good sport, playing within the rules and treating opposing players with respect. A player that is always hustling to and from the dugout, who runs hard around the base paths even on routine outs. A leader who sets a good example on and off the field, by not just what he says, but what he does. A guy who knows how and when to motivate. When to pat a teammate on the back or kick him on the backside. A class player that is confident, not cocky. A player that overcomes every obstacle thrown in his way. A completely humble person who is kind and approachable for the fans. A total package. 
Do you know someone like this? I do. His playing field is different. So is His uniform, His dugout and game. His opponent is bigger, craftier and deadlier but not 

Jesus Christ is His name. He does all that the greatest players of all time can do and a whole lot more. He even gave His life for the team. He is a winner. I can rely on Him and so can you. Search God's word daily to find the attributes that can make you into a winner. 

Bryan Wagner is a former NFL punter. He played on several teams during his career, including the original Cleveland Browns. Bryan currently works as a financial consultant, and lives in Northeast Ohio, with his wife Robin and their three children.