The two youngest members of the Winans' musically talented family are upsetting the homosexual community.  Featured on their new compact disc, 'Bold', Angie and Debbie Winans' new song, 'It's Not Natural' reveals the truth about homosexuality.  Their publicists are saying that the purpose is to "help emancipate people from the sinful bondage of homosexuality."
 We at Connection Magazine believe the word of God which says that the truth will set you free, so here are the lyrics of 'It's Not Natural':

I was chilling on the couch one night 
Looking at my screen TV 
There were people celebrating and congratulating 
The new addition to the Gay community [Ellen] 
I was vexed in the spirit 
And began to write this song 
It may be cold, but let the truth be told 

It's not natural 
No, that's not the way it goes 
It's not natural 
Just because it's popular, doesn't mean it's cool 
It's not natural 
No, that's not the way God planned 
It's time for the world to understand