Worship From The Heart of Israel

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by Sarah Ann Have

As we celebrate the "year of jubilee" the 50th anniversary of Israel's birth as a nation ? a newly released worship CD from the Holy Land, titled Adonai, weaves ancient Hebraic sounds with modern world music, creating a new song of the Lord from the hearts of His people in Israel.

Yochanan Ben Yehuda, a Jerusalem resident and the producer of Adonai, is the visionary behind the project.

"The world has been waiting for "such a time as this," says Yochanan, "when there would be prophetic music that would rise out of the land and go into the nations. It is the Word of the Lord, in music, going forth from Zion."

Releasing this month from Integrity Music, Adonai is the first CD created by Jewish and Gentile believers living in Israel that has worldwide distribution. Fourteen songwriters, four recording artists, and a multitude of singers and musicians have gathered from across Israel to worship the Lord with one voice.

For Yochanan, it is significant that the emphasis of this CD is music that brings people into the Lord's presence. "I believe that true worship began here with the people of God," he says. "The temple was filled with the worship and glory of the Lord."

As you touch the heart of Israel through this music, you will touch God's heart for His people and His land. May Adonai bless you out of Zion.


Reprinted by permission, Charisma, Strang Comm.